Thank you to everyone who donated and/or entered our competition. The competition has now closed.

Well done to our competition winners: Paul, James, Ian, Andy and Steve.

Enjoy your prizes

Rick was a huge personality in local  motorsport and  we’d like to say thank you to Macmillan Cancer Support for the care and support they gave to him and his family last summer.

Thank you to everyone who entered the ‘guess the number of nuts in Ricks tool box’ competition and donated to Macmillan in Ricks’s name

Thankyou to everyone who donated prizes.

Prizes were donated by:

  • Gareth at Red Dragon IT – Lenovo tab P11
  • Craig at Rally Nuts – Fireproof balaclava x 2
  • Andy and Holly at Cotswold Driving Experience – voucher for half day rally experience
  • Dave at VW&Audi – Sealey tool box (new at time of competition opening, however may be slightly second hand after all the nuts have been emptied from it!!!) and 2 BluePoint boxes
  • Steve and John from Harkness Competition Tyres and JD Tyres – voucher for 2  tyres up to a combined value of £250

Many Thanks for their generosity.

small print.

The competition is to guess the number of nuts in the tool box as displayed on Saturday May 28th 2022 at the Red Dragon IT Stage Rally.  A photograph of the display will be available online from May 29th 2022.  Not all nuts will be visible in the photograph.  The photo used on this web page prior to May 29th is for demonstration purposes only.  Price of entry is £1 per guess.  Competition may be entered in person at the Red Dragon IT Stage Rally or online using this formOnline entries to be paid for online at the time of entry, in person entries to be paid for in person at the time of entry.  Closing date is midday BST June 11th 2022 (Ricks birthday).  The entrant with the closest guess to the actual number of nuts will win the first prize, the second closest guess will win the second prize and so on.  Prizes will be awarded in order of monetary value.  Winning guesses may be higher or lower than the actual number.  If 2 guesses are the same winning number, the entry that was submitted and paid for first will be allocated a prize first.  A washer or a bolt is not a nut.  The nuts have been counted and verified in advance and the correct number will be in sealed envelope that will not be opened until June 11th.  An entrant may enter as many times as they like, but may only win one prize.  Prizes will only be posted to mainland UK addresses.  Event organises are excluded from winning the prizes. Entrants will need to provide a phone number or email address so that they can be contacted if they are lucky enough to win a prize.  Personal information ( name, email and phone number) will be collected and stored electronically but only for the purpose of identifying and contacting prize winners.  Personal information will be deleted after the event has concluded.  We may ask the winners to have their name and photograph on our website for a short time after the event has concluded.  The winner of the Sealey tool boxes may opt to have the nuts as well but only if they collect them in person from Gloucestershire.   The Sealey tool box is brand new at time of the competition opening, however may be ‘slightly second hand’ after the nuts have been removed.  Please remember this competition is all about donating money to a great cause not getting disappointed if you don’t win.  Anyone who reads all this small print deserves a medal, but wont actually get one.